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The HR-Link Consulting Group
 We are the premier provider of Human Resource Services

Tiers of Service


  Tier 1: Gold

   Initial HR Consultation                                     Included

   HR Assessment                                               Included

   Create Employee Handbook                           12 hours

   Create HR Forms & Templates                       15 hours

   Create Job Description Templates                   up to 4 hours 

   Create Policies & Procedures                          up to 3 hours

   HR Virtual Support                                         2 hours

Tier 2: Silver

Initial HR Consultation                                     Included

HR Assessment                                               Included

Create Employee Handbook                            Up to 8 hours

Create HR Forms/Templates                           10 forms

Create Job Descriptions                                  Up to 3 hours

HR VIrtual Support                                         1.5 hours


Tier 3: Bronze

Initial HR Consultation                                        Included

HR Assessment                                                  Included

Employee Handbook                                          Up to 4 hours

Create HR Form/Templates                                5 forms

Create Job Descriptions                                     2 descriptions

Virtual HR Support                                            1 hour